Zulily, Use Plus Sized Models

//Zulily, Use Plus Sized Models

Zulily, Use Plus Sized Models

Listen, Zulily. You’re failing in the Plus Sized Department.

This chick is not Plus Sized. She’s a tiny person.

This lady? Beautiful woman, but she’s not a big beautiful woman.

You came a tad bit closer here. The lady on the left is your version of Plus Sized (she’s maybe a size 8 at best?). The lovely lady on the right is simply wearing clothes that don’t fit her.

Fat girls want to see what the clothes will look like on fellow fat girls.

You’re claiming to have all of this Plus Sized selection, but really you’re just showing us the same tunics over and over again, month after month. Back away from the tunics, Zulily.

Finally, your return policy blows (because there isn’t one). Nope. Nope. Nope.

Be better than this, Zulily. We’re all rooting for you.

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