This is what happens when you peek at your Christmas presents:

by Meredith on December 5, 2013

It was no secret to my children that I went Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving Day.

Side Note: I swore I would never go shopping on Thanksgiving (since I don’t think it’s fair to make your employees work on Thanksgiving Day). However, my sister-BFF, April, told me she knows a lady who works at Walmart. People were begging her for her shifts because the big retailers pay premium holiday wages. On that note, she and I went shopping. In the end, I am one of those assholes who went shopping on Thanksgiving Day. I feel kinda bad, in hindsight.


When I came home that evening, the kids were in bed, and I was tired. Shaun came downstairs and helped me lug bags of Pre-Black-Friday deals into the garage. I threw a sheet over everything and went to bed.

Friday morning, as I left for work, I very sternly warned the kids not to go into the garage.

If any of you even step foot in that garage today, you all get nothing from Daddy and me for Christmas. I will take anything I have purchased back to the stores, and you will rely solely on Santa. But trust me when I say, Santa will not be happy if you are misbehaving and peeking at the things I bought for you. So he will most likely end up brining you things like socks and underwear. And that? Would suck.

Logan and Lilah snuck in the garage, peeked at their presents, and then told on each other. They are brilliant.

I’m a woman of my word.

I called Logan in first to break the news.

And then Lilah.

The presents are really at our nanny’s house. Santa will be bringing them. He was bringing them all along, but they don’t know that.

I’m pretty sure I’m #WINNING at parenting.

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Sister, you need to share this with Jimmy Kimmel — he does a show every Halloween asking parents to video tape them telling their kids they ate all their halloween candy..
It’s hilarious some are priceless!



I know it no longer matters, & maybe it differs with stores but the Walmart here paid their employees regular wages. Now management gets the primo holiday pay, bit not the cashier checked you out.



I just a kid who works there, who happens to be here getting his car serviced. It was weird. He mentioned he works at Walmart to another customer, and I was all, “Sorry to butt in – did they pay you holiday pay on Thanksgiving?”

He looked at me weird and said they did. So in Ohio they do.



Keep those videos, they’ll be great to show them in 20 years .



This is totally something I would’ve done to my kids when they were little. I bet they never try to peek at their presents again LOL !


brother mike

You use to peek!



I was just thinking that Mike!!! Y’all would unwrap them, play with them and wrap them back up!!!!



You ARE related to your Uncle Jerry aren’t you???



I do believe this makes you the best mom ever. You keep your promises… Sort of. 🙂 This gives me the faith that I can do this to my children, when the time comes!!





steph gas

i almost wish i had kids to do this to. i could do it to my cats, but i have a feeling the video would be much less entertaining.



BAHAHAHA. I think they learned their lesson! I agree with the Jimmy Kimmel show – send it to them! LOL


Tracy Whitmore

WINNING, for sure! Mine peeked and fessed up, got some tears but I may need to show the video of yours just drive home the sting.



Uh, it’s not “winning” at parenting if you go back on your word and don’t hold them to the consequences. You didn’t take the presents back. You just moved them. Instead of replacing them with the clothes and practical gifts you threatened they’d earned from Santa for misbehaving, they’re going to get all of this stuff, just from Santa. Which sends the message: “I wasn’t misbehaving at all, Mom was WRONG.

Santa is going to give me everything I want anyways, so I don’t have to listen to Mom. Santa even replaced everything, and Mom didn’t get me anything. Santa has the power to circumvent Mom’s authority. Mom is mean, Mom is wrong; Santa is nice and gives me things when I’m bad, so I’m going to continue being bad and getting presents for it.”

And then worse, you publicly exploited your children’s genuine emotions for cheap entertainment.

Either stick to your guns and take the presents back (imagine how much money you’d save! how much room you’d have in your house without the Christmas junk they’ll stop playing with after a week! and what well-behaved kids they’d be next year!) or you could instead give them opportunities to earn the gifts back (extra chores + doing some charity item for a neighbor = one present comes back from Nanny’s to live under the tree and, if they’re very good and earn them all back, you’ll write to Santa on their behalf and explain how much their behavior has improved.)



You’re a peach! Thanks for the parenting tips, Love!

*laughs uncontrollably*



you are clearly not a parent because cheap entertainment is what its all about. Lighten up! you are being overly dramatic over someone else’s children.



I also wondered if she had kids? Sounds like a child psych major. Real world experience is much different than those books sweetie.



Yeah Mere….you should definitely teach a four and five year old that lesson and only get them underwear. Because is def what you are after for christmas. Priceless video. Logan is going tonhate you for exploiting him om the Internet. Terrible.MOM! I hope you sense my sarcasm there. my gosh they are kids. If you think shes so terrible for posting about her kids don’t read it..


Jessica Vasquez

My kids peeked on year when they were little and I took the gift back. Santa never brought it either. It was the one gift my step-daughter really wanted. They are 15 and 16 and still remember and have never peeked since. With this bring said I’m sending your link to ELLEN because I know she will love it. You and ELLEN on a show together……ummmmm AWESOME!!



OMG You and Ellen with Logan and Lilah would be HILARIOUS!!


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