Should I hire a realtor? Probably. Otherwise it will wind up like the time I thought I could tile my shower by simply watching YouTube videos.

//Should I hire a realtor? Probably. Otherwise it will wind up like the time I thought I could tile my shower by simply watching YouTube videos.

Should I hire a realtor? Probably. Otherwise it will wind up like the time I thought I could tile my shower by simply watching YouTube videos.

This is my master bathroom shower.

Should I hire a realtor.jpg

I probably don’t need that shower door cleaner thing anymore.

Two years ago, Shaun and I decided that we could rip out the fiberglass installed shower (SUCCESS!) and install a tile one… ALL. BY. OURSELVES. BY. WATCHING. YOUTUBE. VIDEOS. (FAIL!)

This other time we patched our wall after watching YouTube videos.

photo 2

Close enough.

YouTube videos are great for learning things like The Cups Song… bad for learning how to install tile showers or how to patch a wall.

Clearly, Shaun and I totally suck at house stuff.  So, we’ve decided to hire-out all home improvements to our buddy, Matt Stowell. Once we Matt gets everything fixed, we have also decided to move out of Toledo.

Push has come to shove, and Shaun and I have decided that Toledo Public Schools just isn’t going to cut it for much longer. We could send our kids to private schools, but I don’t like our neighbors, so really what’s the point in staying. I’m looking at you, Car Breaking-in Teenagers and Constant Barking Dog People!

I’ve been researching selling our home by ourselves or hiring a realtor. My “research” has consisted of YouTube videos. And do you know what, YouTube? SOMETIMES YOU LIE TO ME ABOUT HOW EASY THINGS WILL BE!

Luckily, I found me a bunch of realtors***, and they told me all the reasons why I will fail without their help. Out of spite towards false YouTube videos, I’ve recorded their responses and made my own video.


1. You get more exposure when you list with an agent. It goes on their websites and the MLS.

2. Realtors are very good at answering questions and explaining all of the difficult processes that come up when buying/selling a home.

3. In most agencies, the seller pays the commissions to the brokerage. So if you’re buying, why wouldn’t you make this choice.

4. Realtors will bring qualified buyers to your property. This keeps every Tom, Dick, and Harriet out of your house.

5. Realtors have all of the proper and up-to-date legal documents to keep you out of court.

6. Realtors represent your interest. It’s their legal responsibility to act in your best interest, and they have a Code of Ethics they have to abide by.

7. They are super negotiators. Like, super good.

8. They can tell you what staging advice you need to prepare the house for showing.

9. They aren’t emotionally involved with your house. Oftentimes, unrepresented buyers and sellers cannot come to terms because there is no one there to mediate.

10. FACT: People who use a Realtor tend to get more money from their sale or a better deal on their purchase. (also they talk out of both sides of their mouths, like car salesmen.)


I’M OFFICIALLY AN EXPERT (on the internet) ABOUT HOUSE SELLING (except I’m really not, but since I made a video and a list, that makes me one — you totally “get” this).

Is there anything I cannot do?**

So tell me, did you sell your home by yourself? Or did you use a realtor? If you are a realtor, tell me why someone should hire you.

Editor’s notes:

**Actually, I cannot insert a tampon, do math, or eat olives. All three of those activities have been mentally filed under “Things That Aren’t Right”. But that’s only, like, three things ever. So how hard can FOR-SALE-BY-OWNER really be?

***Thank you, Newlove Realty for answering all of my questions and making a video and making me an expert in something I know nothing about. Also, I cannot say the word “realtor”.  I say, “real-i-tor”. BECAUSE L’S DON’T GO BEFORE T’S! For real.

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  1. Jessica May 16, 2014 at 11:13 am - Reply

    We didn’t use a realtor to buy our house. Since it’s our first house I don’t have another experience to compare it to, but things went smoothly without one. My parents are using a realtor to sell their house and it has saved them a lot of headaches. Also, they got some good offers.

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