Net Neutrality: Save The Internet The Easy-Peasy Way

//Net Neutrality: Save The Internet The Easy-Peasy Way

Net Neutrality: Save The Internet The Easy-Peasy Way

It’s time to send letters to your Congresspeople about keeping Net Neutrality. The FFC votes on Thursday. Congress can stop them. This is a non-partisan issue, folks. Make your the people who were elected to work for you – work for you! There is no advantage to having AT&T or Verizon controlling what sites you’re allowed to visit on the internet other than corporate greed.

Do you love porn and want to stream it fast? Support net neutrality.

Do you like looking at pictures of bulldogs on Instagram without interruption? Support net neutrality.

Would you literally die without access to Instant Pot recipes on Pinterest? Support net neutrality.

There’s a super simple way to send letters to your Congresspeople. Text RESIST to 50409. It will walk you through what to do. They even know who your Congresspeople are.

This was my letter if you need help thinking of what to write (be sure to tell them to keep Net Neutrality – we want to save it).

So now that we all vote because we’re good citizens, we need to take it one step further and send letters to those who represent us in the government. The ResistBot is an awesome service to take your American-ness one step further. Whenever you feel like sending a letter to Congress because you’re in a pissy mood about how things are going or how Congress is behaving, text RESIST to 50409. I’ve personally sent one bazillion letters because it’s oddly soothing to tell these people off.

Once you use the service, it will text you when shit is really hitting the fan and you should send a letter. Easy-peasy activism!

Shit is hitting the fan right now. Send the letter. Net Neutrality is the biggest deal of our lifetime. Both sides should be able to agree on this one.

Good job, fellow American. You did a good thing for the country and the internet today.

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