More Sex Tonight!

by Meredith on May 23, 2013

In case you missed it, the last Google show I was on was… well… um… revealing… uh… and shocking… and I can’t believe I told you guys about my sexual fantasy.

Here, just watch it (NSFW):

So I guess I don’t really know everything about sex. I thought I was smart in the sack, but everything seemed shocking and dirty. And I still stand by my statement. Poop DOES come out of there.

last call meredith soleau

However, I have been reading Tiffany Reisz’ books, and now I feel better prepared for tonight’s show. Tiffany will be on the show AGAIN! Tonight we gather again to talk about SEX with a best selling smut author! AGAIN!

*pours a drink*

*slaps own ass with riding crop*

To RSVP for the live version of the show (that airs at 10pm EST tonight) CLICK HERE. As always, you can watch the show here after it airs live.

Okay, so I want to include you guys in the sex show.

Do you have any questions for Tiffany?

Do you have any sexual insecurities?

What is your fantasy?

How do you feel about BDSM? 

Use a fake name and email and spill your guts. I’ll ask your questions on the show!

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Misty Carrico

I cannot wait for the show. I’m doin my happy dance!
OK my question is I just had a baby nine weeks ago, I now have 2 girls under 2, if I can ever find the time to have sex with my husband again how do I get my libido back? Having a hard time shutting off my “mommy brain” and not to happy with this post baby body of mine? am I doomed to always have sex in the dark? My Husband thanks you in advance for any advice that will help him get even a crumb of my “cookie”.



This is the first episode of Last Call that I have watched. I will continue to watch them if only to hear the funny shit that comes out of your mouth. You are so hilarious in this. I love you guys.


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