Meredith’s Drunk Book Club: The Missing Something Club Review

//Meredith’s Drunk Book Club: The Missing Something Club Review

Meredith’s Drunk Book Club: The Missing Something Club Review

They gave me a list of questions to discuss with you guys. I’m throwing the list out the window. I want to explore the deeper meaning of this book. Because even if you didn’t read a single page, the deeper meaning really is something worth something talking about in any relationship and with yourself.

If you’re late to the party, we have been reading The Missing Something Club by William Haylon.

9780692026380_p0_v2_s260x420When I am asked to review something, I do it honestly. I feel like I owe it to my readers to not be a sell out (even if I was paid in wine and free downloads for you guys – I LOVE WINE).

So let’s start with the bad news first. After all, everyone’s a critic. In this case, a book critic.

Mr. Haylon needs an editor. Not in a Fifty-Shades-Of-Grey bad writing way, but just in a add-a-comma-after-names-when-you’re-addressing-someone kind of way.

Then again, I’m a comma whore. So yes, there are some typos. But you know what? It even didn’t matter.

Honestly, I loved this book.

I really became emotionally invested with these very flawed characters (who met once a week at a local pub to discuss why they were failing at life).

Here’s why they are all failing:

You can’t force love.

This was the entire theme, wrapped up neatly in one sentence, but when you read this ONE sentence in the book, you end up having a complete epiphany.

These characters were all fucked up, because each one of them made the same mistake in a variety of ways. They tried to force love (or someone else did) because they wanted it so badly (or because they were running from it). They would enter the wrong relationships, hoping everything would work out in the end.

Which is why, in my opinion, divorce rates are so high.

You can’t force love.

So don’t marry the wrong person or hang around because you think this is what your life should be.

You guys know I am a HUGE fan of working it out and staying married, but if you both aren’t willing to work at it, LEAVE. RUN. GO.

I guess, what I really took away from this book, was a deeper understanding of why some relationships don’t work, and will never work. Someone can’t want love more than the other person. Period.

Let’s See Which Character Best Describes You
(even if you did not read this book, I bet you can relate, or you have been with someone like this)

Tracy: She was the kind of girl so desperate for someone to pay attention to her, that she would mistakenly fall in love with someone she never met from online dating, and she would send naked selfies of herself to guys. She would also let people move in with her after a single in-real-life date. She rushed everything. Complete acts of desperation all the time. I KNOW SO MANY WOMEN LIKE THIS!

Charlie: She was sleeping around on her husband. Even though her husband was a great guy, and together they seemed to have it all, she just never really loved him. And by anyone’s standards, she had a perfect life. Kids. White picket fence. The whole nine yards. Yet? She was always looking for something else.

Jeremy: Work-a-holic. He never had time for a relationship. Then he was fired from his job and realized he had nothing. He couldn’t even remember what it felt like to be touched anymore.

Arthur: Arthur is old and wise. In his old age, he confessed that he never stopped thinking about the one who got away, even after 50 years of marriage.

Eric: His wife is pretty much his full-time prostitute. She sleeps with him for a roof over her head, and he takes care of her and her son in return. They literally do not talk to one another.

David: The player. He is super lonely. His hook-ups are often drunken, mean nothing, and no one is really good enough to keep around. He has a child he never sees from a very brief relationship.

Kate: Her husband left her after her 50th birthday for a younger woman. She had been a kept woman. Now she finds herself trying to navigate the world alone for the first time ever. As a result, she comes off very cold and bitter. Why? She’s your typical scorned woman.

Know anyone like these characters? Of course you do!

So what did you guys think of it? Did you like it? Do you relate to any of these characters?

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  1. Corrine December 8, 2014 at 11:28 am - Reply

    I somehow missed the book club meeting to read this! Bummer….but it looks like something I would enjoy so I will add it to the vacation reading list, because I definitely know some people like those!

  2. Nuala Reilly December 8, 2014 at 9:03 pm - Reply

    Okay, so now I have to go find this book and read it. What are you reading next? I would be happy to donate copies of my book if you wanted to review it…..:-)
    This book sounds like it was a really good read. Was it a debut novel for the author?

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