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//Launching Podcasts

Launching Podcasts

In case you missed it, I’m back in podcast-land.

Years ago, Brittany Gibbons and I had a show. We brought it back!

This time it’s more like an NPR show.

I’m kidding. We never verify anything we say like real reporters would, it’s more explicit than ever, and we’re more day-drunk than anyone working for NPR.

Listen here:

Girl’s Girls is a podcast for women, by women. All topics are on the table. Nothing is too embarrassing, disgusting, or taboo. In fact, today’s episode covers selling your dirty panties. Yes, ladies. You can get money for your stinkiest, bloodiest, peed in, and poop streaked panties. Obviously, Girl’s Girls is not safe for work, children, a preacher, or your conservative mother. It’s perfect. 

My favorite episode so far was Episode 4, We’re All Mad Here. It’s open and honest about mental health issues, something I’m passionate about (because I’m a whack job myself).

The funniest episode was Episode 5, Panic In The Bedroom. If my gay ex-boyfriend is reading this, and listens to that show, I’m sorry(ish).

We’ve been charting on iTunes! We can’t believe it, either. We appreciate every single listener.

The goal is to pump out a network of podcasts from Curvy Girl Media. We’ve got two more shows in production now! It’s been a lot of fun to work with my friend on her exciting new start-up. Mind blowingly, she’s never written me up for not showering and wearing pajamas to work.

Want to help a new start-up? iTunes likes new reviews. It helps us attract new listeners, which helps us chart. Please give us a listen and leave a 5-star review on iTunes. If you hate it, just keep your feelings to yourself or send Brittany hate emails with bullet points outlining your many complaints. Don’t send that shit to me – I never check my email.

We want to hear from you! Got a show idea? Drop it in the comments!

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