I’ve been wearing leggings as pants for Science.

//I’ve been wearing leggings as pants for Science.

I’ve been wearing leggings as pants for Science.

I’ve been adamant about leggings not being pants. Because they’re leggings. And not pants.

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I was the one who told all of you leggings are reserved for babies and toddlers. I told you about us being too damn old to be walking around with our ham wallets flapping around in the wind.

For over a year, you guys have tried to convince me that it’s okay to free myself from the constraints of actual pants with buttons and zippers.

So… FINE. You wore me down.

I decided to see what all the hype is about. I put on stupid leggings, and I wore them as real pants.

At first I was like:

meredith leggings as pants 2

Because the thought of going about my day in pants made for babies was terrifying.

But at the end of the day I was like:

leggins as pants

I, too, could do high kicks in these mofos (that’s a lie)! Or I could do a cartwheel (I can’t)! Or run a marathon (also a lie) in these puppies! LEGGINGS AS PANTS ARE FUCKING AWESOME.

So I take it all back. I was wrong about leggings. And anyone who says leggings aren’t pants can pry my five new pairs of comfy leggings from my cold dead hands.

Leggings. Officially pants.

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