It’s About Damn Time

//It’s About Damn Time

It’s About Damn Time

It’s easy to forget all the garbage Donald Trump tweets because he spends so much time cultivating bullshit from his Twitter account. So as a fun reminder, on November 24th he tweeted this:

And then Time Magazine was all like, WE NEVER CALLED HIM, YOU GUYS! 

And then the Chief Content Editor of Time said he flat out lied.

It was awesome. Once again we caught him in a lie! Maybe pretty soon people will start to see what the majority of us see. He’s unstable, unpresidential, incapable, and an embarrassment to the United States.

Anyway, today I woke up and everything got even better! Time Magazine named The Silence Breakers the People of the Year.  The announcement gave me goosebumps. The good kind. Victims got the cover. The predator got pie in his stupid face.

I feel this shift happening. Can you feel the change, ladies? Finally. They’re finally paying attention to what our mother’s mothers have been saying all this time. I truly feel like God put these women on the planet at this time in history to make these changes. We can use our voices to continue their hard work, and maybe one day soon we will actually be equal in this world.

But then… then, something weird began happening on the internet.

For some reason, these women who I admire and respect –– for some damn reason, some of them thought Taylor Swift just wasn’t enough of a victim to grace the cover of Time Magazine.

Ke$ha should be here. I agree. But you know what? The lack of Ke$ha, doesn’t take away from Taylor’s experience.

*Quick reminder, Taylor was groped under her skirt by a skeezy radio DJ who had a reputation for groping young women. She complained. He got fired. HE SUED HER because he was fired. She won. She fought him for all the women who have been and would have been sexually assaulted by this creep.

Still, I’m disappointed Ke$ha wasn’t there with her. But that doesn’t mean Taylor Swift didn’t have her own experience after she blew the whistle on some asshole who assaulted her. Point being, there is room on that cover for more women who blew the whistle. I wholeheartedly agree with you. But don’t diminish any woman who has come forward.

I’m sorry that it took white women coming forward to push the #MeToo movement that black women began so long ago. I really, truly am sorry. Thank you. Every woman thanks you (even the women who think the whole movement is stupid are thankful – they just haven’t put it together yet that you have been fighting for them, too). Thank you, Tarana Burke.

But listen, Taylor Swift backlash just makes more women not blow the whistle. Somewhere a young girl is watching this and thinking, “Well, it was just a hand up my skirt. That doesn’t really count.” We can’t decide who has a more valuable story. We can’t be judge and internet jury on whose assault was the worst assault. THEY. ALL. SUCK.

If you broke silence, you’re a silence breaker. This cover is for you. If you aren’t ready yet, you’re the elbow on the cover. 

We’re here. We’ve arrived.

This is how we make our mark for future generations of women.

This is how we change the world.

Can you feel the shift happening?

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