This will go in history down as my best idea… or my worst.

/, Marriage/This will go in history down as my best idea… or my worst.

This will go in history down as my best idea… or my worst.

This is a post about money. Talking about money is rude. But when have you ever known me to be polite? Zero times.

Right now I’m paying a social media manager, a nanny, a few part-time graphic designers, some part-time photographers, my mom (she keeps the books), and my dad (he’s my driver because I suck so bad at driving).

424 Degrees is a real-life advertising agency now. We have a staff of people. I MADE THIS WITH MY OWN HANDS, GUYS!

beyonce gif

It feels pretty great.

I need to quadruple in size. And I can’t do it as a start-up without someone taking a financial hit or getting investors. I don’t want investors.

There’s this other thing happening. A GIANT thing. A decision that’s been discussed and discussed for a year in our household. Should my husband quit his job and come work here, too?


  1. He’s my favorite human
  2. I trust him more than anyone else
  3. He’s fun to look at all day
  4. I could sexually harass him
  5. He’s smart and creative
  6. Nooners
  7. We can pay all of our bills with my income alone right now
  8. He’s better with money than yours truly
  9. He would see our children more than he does now
  10. I need someone else full-time that will understand not getting paid until we bring on more clients
  11. He wants to be a millionaire as much as I want it
  12. Nooners
  13. He never gives me shit for working all the time
  14. He’s as interested in growing this thing as I am
  15. He’s knows how to work a camera
  16. He would go on the road half the time, so I can be home more often
  17. He’s worked at his current workplace forever and got lots of promotions
  18. No more long daily commute to work
  19. He knows how to write
  20. Nooners


  1. We’ve never worked together (outside of taking wallpaper off of every wall in this house)
  2. We’ve never shared money

Those are some pretty big cons, right?

We don’t share bank accounts. We’re like sexy roommates. When we were first married, we shared a bank account for exactly 30 days. It didn’t go well. I don’t think I should have to report in anytime I buy new clothes (which happens often). And he doesn’t think he should have to report in anytime he buys a boat without asking. “We work hard for our own individual money,” has been our attitude.

meredith shaun boat

This is us on his stupid boat.

As far as working together goes – will it work out? He wants his name on the LLC. Which? I understand. He’s walking away from a super high paying job and taking a huge risk. What if something happens? He wants to be protected, too. But I still get to be the boss of my baby.

We’ve decided to throw caution to the wind. Fuck the cons. We’re taking the plunge. Notices have been given. He starts the first week of September.

brush off

We’re going to openly share the ups and downs of working together with all of you. If you and your spouse/partner work together, we would love some advice! Tell us how to make this thing work without killing each other!

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  1. Allison Cupid July 27, 2016 at 10:11 am - Reply

    You are exactly like Beyonce except I know you and you have a better booty. I think this idea is BRILLANT because of Pro number 2 most of all. You two are going to take OVER.

  2. Susannah July 27, 2016 at 11:00 am - Reply

    We’ve done it for 7 years now. It works for us and since you asked… here are a couple of things that help us.

    1. There is no separation, don’t expect to not talk about work at home or not let personal things intrude on work. It happens, let it happen. You’ll spend too much time preventing it to ever get anything done if you don’t.

    2. Recognize that sometimes you need to go to your own corners for a minute at the end of the day. Take a few minutes to just get a little space. Sometimes I hide in the closet for 20 minutes when I get home and stare at my shoes because they are pretty and they aren’t asking me to do anything.

    3. Don’t get work-mad over personal shit and vice versa. Yes, I just said that there is no separation but that was more referring to work related discussions happening outside of work. If I’m pissed at Patrick because I asked him to empty the dishwasher and he didn’t that morning, I’m not going to take it out on him at work. I might get personal-mad at him during the day and work-mad at him at home. But I try not to let the two different types of mad influence the other. (That makes zero sense…sorry…)

    I kind of feel like you guys are going to rock the shit out of this and I’m looking forward to reading about it!!

  3. Beth Cosper July 27, 2016 at 11:10 am - Reply

    I agree with Allison! 1) because if you don’t then you’re clearly doing something wrong, and 2) because your pros are so.much.longer than your cons.

    You’ve got to be able to take breaks from each other. This you already pretty much have a plan for with him being able to be on the road some. The less you can worry about means more things you can be brilliant about (grammar fail, I know). No more worrying about if you’re doing the money thing right, or if you’re being a sucky photographer/videographer, no more feeling like you’re not being a good parent because you’re working all the time.

    You have a true partner here. Someone you can talk about your business worries with without making them wonder if they need a Plan B, someone you can be totally honest with because he LOVES you. That man absolutely worships you. Mere.

    Go do this, and when you’re as rich as sin, remember us little people.

  4. Shannon September 2, 2016 at 10:58 am - Reply

    I have been working with my husband for 7 years and merged our individuals companies 3 years ago and I have no regrets. We do have different pieces of the same type of business, so that helps with the who is in charge of what. The corporate events industry is a constant travel/work environment, which has been a godsend. We have time away from each other and time together.

    We don’t make big decisions without talking with each other and we own the company 50/50 on paper , but we did decide that my husband does have the top boss role, similar to you. It works for us and sets the tone with our clients. Also my husband is an event production genius and I have crazy mad respect for him!

    The number one thing for us is that we have the same goals for our business. That is key. Where this is taking us has to be the same direction or why are we doing this together.

    Best part is that we have tons of respect for each other and make great money, but we never make it about money. We do this because it is our passion, we love it and do an amazing job for our clients.

    So happy for you!!!

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