Who is Meredith Soleau?

Meredith Soleau looks like this:

meredith 424 head shot

Meredith Soleau is the CEO & Founder of 424 Degrees. It’s a recruiting and social media agency.



Yes, she totally Googled the temperature in which paper spontaneously combusts. Why? Because she is igniting businesses. She has several large clients in the automotive and restaurant industries. BARS AND CARS, BABY! She’s a firm believer in just sticking with what you know best. She handles their recruiting and social media marketing needs. She has even employees and interns working for her company. You guys! THIS IS SO EXCITING! SHE HAS MADE HER DREAMS COME TRUE!

She learned how to do all of these things because she had a couple of really cool jobs in the past. Her favorite dealership in the whole wide world is the Thayer Family Dealership out in Bowling Green, Ohio. She learned from Mr. Thayer that being small town means you do right by people. Always. Here she was a Sales & Digital Marketing Professional at Ralph Thayer Chevrolet. She’s also the former Human Resources Director of a large car dealership near Toledo, Ohi0. But she hated firing people, so she quit after eight years. Selling cars was way more fun, and a great way to save money to launch her agency.

She is an expert on all things social media.  She holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toledo with a Major in Human Resources Management. Besides selling cars and managing car dealerships, Meredith is a Staff Writer for Workforce Magazine’s Fistful of Talent, Relationships Editor for Curvy Girl Guide, and runs this popular humor blog. She is also a hilarious keynote speaker, and you should hire her for your next conference or lecture.

Meredith has a super hot husband, Shaun Soleau. Shaun is often referred to in her writing. And just so you all know, he’s basically a saint for laughing at her all the time, instead of yelling at her all the time, because she is incredibly open about what goes on in their life (incredibly open). Shaun wants you all to know that he is not as nerdy as she would like to make him out to be.

Shaun Soleau

Meredith also has three beautiful children, Lars, Logan, and Lilah. Yes, she has a son named “Lars”. No, she did not know, when she was picking out names, about Metallica. She only really talks about her children when they are crossing paths through her story. She thinks being a kid is hard enough without your mom writing about you on the internet.

photo (17)

Meredith was raised with three brothers and no sisters. So she sort of thinks and talks like a dude, but she’s completely girly when it comes to hair and fashion. Oh, and her mom wants her to be right up front about this and tell you that she didn’t raise Meredith like this, and she doesn’t know where she went wrong with Meredith.  There you go, Meredith’s Mom, she said your disclaimer.

She’s never used an eyelash curler. She has ADHD, which in spite of making her more creative, is why she doesn’t have a filter.

She also enjoys hugs and tampons. Just kidding. She hates it when people touch her. She’s a prickly porcupine. And tampons are just weird.

Enjoy her blog.

Legal crap:  These are my views.  The views are not those of my company or the company I keep.  This is also copyrighted.  Steal my work, and I’ll steal your car.  Or press charges.  One or the other.  Stealing is so bad.  I know I say funny things, so don’t go around hijacking my work and acting like it’s your own.

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Heather Pranitis

I love, love, love your about me page! It is really great that it isn’t just your average about me page and you gave a “real” taste of who you are. Honesty – I love it. I also have a feeling you are not one who “sugar coats” things… If this is yes, then, I like you even more. Thanks for sharing. And I look forward to reading.


By Word of Mouth Musings

Love it, my mother tells me she doesn’t have the time.
My Father read one post where I said the word penis,
then told me he doesn’t read that sort of stuff 😉
Tell your Mom I think she did an alright job!


John Smith

If you were a good mother you wouldnt work and take care of your children.



John…how old fashion of you.
Many families can’t afford to have one parent stay home.
Also, father’s can stay home with their children too you know.



Yes, I AM a horrible mother for providing a great life to my children. People like me should be taken out back and shot. Thank God for people like you! You really set people like me straight.



John Smith has clearly never tried taking care of children all day every day. My wife and I both work, so kids were in daycare a few days a week. I was laid off a couple of years ago, so we took them out to save money while I looked for work. Luckily I found another job after about 3 months, because having to be around those kids every day, 24 hours a day, made me insane. It let me know for sure that I never wanted to be a stay at home dad.



John has clearly decided to use his new time travel machine and join us from the 1950’s! Welcome John! I’m surprised you know how to use a computer since you’re CLEARLY not from the current day and age.

And John, maybe this will clear up some things for you…In 2007, 71.0 percent of women with children under 18 years of age were in the labor force (either employed or looking for work) and 67.8 percent were employed. Of mothers with children under 6 years of age, 63.3 percent were in the labor force and 59.6 percent were employed. Of women with children aged 6-17 years, 77.2 percent were in the labor force and 74.3 percent were employed.

Thats a lot of bad mothers, huh? You should go catch ’em all and tell them!!

My facts came from this website. http://bit.ly/zSWIW In case anyone is wondering.



John, if you are going to have outdated and bigoted views of womanhood, could you at least use proper punctuation? You told her to neither work NOR take care of her children. While that is the dream of every Real Housewife I hardly think that was what you were going for. And apostrophes; necessary even for cave-dwellers like yourself.



And I have just fallen in love. With Meredith.



Well, I WAS a soft bottomed stay at home mom, and then my husband became severely disabled after he flew off a motorcycle and his head went up a horses’ butt, and then he DIED when he saw pictures of Meredith’s vibrators, soooooo now I HAVE TO WORK. *sobs grievously* so stop JUDGING! Just kidding, I just wanted to join the convo.



I just wanted to say, I found your site from your 20/20 segment last week (fantastic by the way!) and am glad I did.

I too work full time (have since my son was 10) and prior to that worked part time in the evenings. My husband worked first shift and we traded kids as he was coming home and I was leaving for work. Not ideal and not for everyone but like you we did what worked for our family. I’m so lucky that my current job lets me work from home 3 days a week (although the kids are older (20 and 16) and don’t really want me around!).

Keep up the awesome work!



Hi Meredith !
I was watching 20/20 & when your segment came up I said ” I know her ! ” Do you remember me….I watched Lars when he was very little . I can’t believe how big he has gotten !!! You look WONDERFUL & you have a beautiful family.
I am still watching children ( 25 yrs. now ) for parents like you who work to provide the best of everything they can give their children.
I am looking forward to reading your blogs & I am sure I will be laughing a lot : )



Of course I remember you! Yes, Lars is growing up so fast! Now I’m pretty much a breeder. Of children. I have a million.

Women like you make it possible for families like us. Thank you so much for being there through a very tough time. Sy died while Lars was with you. You were amazing. I’ll never forget you or all that you did.

Thanks for stopping by.


Mary Poppins in Heels

I’m loving your blog! And, in return, I’m giving you my very special, utterly tequila Tequila Mockingbird recipe: http://marypoppinsinheels.blogspot.com/search/label/Alcoholic%20Beverage.

Anyone who’s mother insists on a responsibility disclaimer must have…and drink, of course…this drink.


Becky Neese

Meredith, Just read your blog following Kristen’s The Chronicles of Dutch. I hope you don’t mind if I follow you. And my mother didn’t raise me this way either.



Hi Meredith,

Wow, your blog is so entertaining! You are full of so much spunk– I have enjoyed your posts so much. You are such a strong woman. I am a 27 year old guy and I don’t think I could do what you do, lol. I would probably break down in tears, lol! You work so hard and raise your family too! You are such a great role model for people everywhere. I wish you all the best and I look forward to following your crazy life on here.



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