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Who is Meredith Soleau?

Professional: Meredith Soleau is the CEO & Founder of 424 Degrees. It’s a recruiting and social media agency.

Personal: Meredith has a super hot husband, Shaun Soleau. Meredith also has three beautiful children, Lars, Logan, and Lilah.

What does Meredith Soleau Look Like?

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What is 424 Degrees?

CEO: Meredith Soleau

Agency Type: Recruiting and Social Media

What’s the story behind 424 Degrees?

Meredith totally Googled the temperature in which paper spontaneously combusts. Why? Because she is igniting businesses. She has several large clients in the automotive and restaurant industries. BARS AND CARS, BABY! She’s a firm believer in just sticking with what you know best. She handles their recruiting and social media marketing needs. She has even employees and interns working for her company. You guys! THIS IS SO EXCITING! SHE HAS MADE HER DREAMS COME TRUE!

She learned how to do all of these things because she had a couple of really cool jobs in the past. Her favorite dealership in the whole wide world is the Thayer Family Dealership out in Bowling Green, Ohio. She learned from Mr. Thayer that being small town means you do right by people. Always. Here she was a Sales & Digital Marketing Professional at Ralph Thayer Chevrolet. She’s also the former Human Resources Director of a large car dealership near Toledo, Ohi0. But she hated firing people, so she quit after eight years. Selling cars was way more fun, and a great way to save money to launch her agency.

She is an expert on all things social media.  She holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toledo with a Major in Human Resources Management. Besides selling cars and managing car dealerships, Meredith is a Staff Writer for Workforce Magazine’s Fistful of Talent, Relationships Editor for Curvy Girl Guide, and runs this popular humor blog. She is also a hilarious keynote speaker, and you should hire her for your next conference or lecture.

More about Meredith Soleau!

Meredith’s super hot husband is often referred to in her writing. And just so you all know, he’s basically a saint for laughing at her all the time, instead of yelling at her all the time, because she is incredibly open about what goes on in their life (incredibly open). Shaun wants you all to know that he is not as nerdy as she would like to make him out to be.

What does Shaun Soleau look like?

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Meredith actually has a kid named “Lars”?

Yes, she has a son named “Lars”. No, she did not know, when she was picking out names, about Metallica. She only really talks about her children when they are crossing paths through her story. She thinks being a kid is hard enough without your mom writing about you on the internet.

Let’s get a bit more personal!

Meredith was raised with three brothers and no sisters. So she sort of thinks and talks like a dude, but she’s completely girly when it comes to hair and fashion. Oh, and her mom wants her to be right up front about this and tell you that she didn’t raise Meredith like this, and she doesn’t know where she went wrong with Meredith.  There you go, Meredith’s Mom, she said your disclaimer.

She’s never used an eyelash curler. She has ADHD, which in spite of making her more creative, is why she doesn’t have a filter.

She also enjoys hugs and tampons. Just kidding. She hates it when people touch her. She’s a prickly porcupine. And tampons are just weird.

Enjoy her blog.

Legal crap:  These are my views.  The views are not those of my company or the company I keep.  This is also copyrighted.  Steal my work, and I’ll steal your car.  Or press charges.  One or the other.  Stealing is so bad.  I know I say funny things, so don’t go around hijacking my work and acting like it’s your own.